OpenStreetMap is a big online slippy map, a massive database of geographic information, a community of mappers, an opensource project, the one truly OpenData project for Ireland, a resource for researchers, an API for app developers who need a map, bubblewrap for the obsessed… all the above.

OpenStreetMap Ireland

We are the people that make the map, if you make an account and map some of Ireland you have joined us. We talk sometimes online, we do follow some guidelines in what we map and we map through loads of different platforms.

Your Contribution Matters

Your knowledge is the asset that makes the map. You might have a deep knowledge of a local place, or you might have some heritage, construction or environmental knowledge about a place, or lots of places. Your activity will show up here.

How I can help?

Jump straight in and make a mapping account here find your house, or local school, or a roadway you know and add it if somebody already hasn’t. Stop by the Telegram Channel, the Facebook page, or shout at us on Twitter, and we will engage and help you with what your need. Pick one of the mobile apps and map on the go. We use Mapillary, StreetComplete and osmAND (among others) to add stuff to the map that will help others map in more detail.

To support the activities of OpenStreetMap Ireland, please consider becoming a full member.