Open JOSM. In overpass-turbo, search for "name"~"Wild Atlantic Way" and change the output file to xml ([out:xml]) or click here to open the query.

The Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) has been split into sections so as not to go over the 2000 suggested member limit on relations. So the sections can be found on the Wiki:

So the specific relations can be queried with their id. For Donegal:


Or click here to open the query.

Under “Export”, choose “Data” > JOSM. Allow for the query to be repaired.

This will open the whole relation in JOSM.

Wild Atlantic Way relation in JOSM (as of 2021-05-26)

In the Relations window on the right, choose the Wild Atlantic Way relation.

Under “File” > “Open”, open the gpx trace you have traced yourself or which Failte Ireland has provided OSM Ireland with.

Find gaps in the relation. They will show in fuchsia and not have roads overlaid.

Fuchsia coloured line showing gap in the WAW relation

Download the missing map data to be able to add roads. It is best to select bits on crossroads to avoid downloading too much unwanted data and creating editing conflicts (while people are working on the buildings task for example).

Even when choosing just a small extract of the road, chances are that much longer parts will be downloaded, because the whole line representing that road will be downloaded.

Select the road you want to add to the relation. It will turn red.

In relation window in the right side menu, click on the editing symbol to call the editor for editing the relation.

Move the selected road (“selection”) to become a new member of the relation.

Click “OK” to save the changes.

Proceed with more roads, if necessary.

WAW Trail marker at Ballymastocker Strand

You may also add guideposts and trail markers, if you know their locations.

(or type “trail marker” in iD)
name=Wild Atlantic Way:Ballymastocker Strand (for example)

Upload your changes to using the hashtag #wild_atlantic_mapping.

Thank you! You have made a difference!

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